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The Need for Hearing Protection in the Work Place

Hearing protection is an increasingly important issue in the work place. Generally speaking the need for protection arises when your voice can not be heard above the surrounding sound or when one develops ringing in their ears. Industry has legal obligations under the National Code of Practice for Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work to regularly monitor the work environment. Regular screening audiometry must be conducted with employees who work in industries that are subject to noise levels. These industries include both primary and secondary industries. Research conducted by Farm Health and Safety Research Venture in 2002 claims that two thirds of 6000 farmers tested have noise injury (noise induced hearing loss). The main culprits are non-cabined tractors, feeding pigs in sheds and chain saws. Additional research into noise exposure in young adult farmers shows that there are currently 23% of young adult farmers with a noise induced hearing loss in the right ear and 27.9% with a noise induc...


How to Prepare Chemical Spill Kits

Handling chemicals is a very delicate process especially if the chemicals involved are hazardous or toxic. Chemicals may cause adverse effects on people if improperly used. In a number business establishments or laboratories, chemicals are usually used. In these places, an accidental chemical spill is a common occurrence. Some might say that it is even inevitable because of the amount of chemicals being used or placed in these places. Since chemicals spills are quite common in a number of business establishments and laboratories, it is always advisable to have good and effective chemical spill kits. Chemical spill kits are designed to meet the cleaning needs of chemical spills. Chemical spill kits come in different packages. They have different contents, sizes, and quantities of materials. One should consider purchasing a chemical spill kit that best meets the needs of a chemical spill. In preparing a chemical spill kit; absolute caution is required in order not to waste any of the products and not to harm ...


Reasons for Using Radiation Eye Protection in Medical Professions

People who work with radiation-producing equipment must wear protective gear to prevent absorption of x-rays while performing the test or treatment. Protective eyewear is very important because the human eye is very sensitive. Unprotected eyes may not be painful upon minimal exposure; but pain, swelling and first-degree burns may develop a few hours later. Because damage from exposure to x-ray radiation increases over time, those who work with radiation on a daily basis are at risk. The development of posterior subcapsular cataracts, which are cataracts in the back of the membrane that surround the eye's lens, are caused by lack of eye protection and can lead to significant eye damage.Lead glasses can prevent much of the damage from exposure of the eye to radiation. They have been shown to reduce x-ray radiation exposure by up to 98 percent. Lenses made of leaded glass containing a layer of lead (Pb) that is 0.75 millimeters (mm) thick provide adequate protection against exposure to rays in front of the eye....


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